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Welcome to my journal, dedicated to my no-longer-newfound love: the TV show Supernatural! Here there be lotsa Winchesters, mostly of the Wincest variety, sometimes explicit, sometimes just really really brotherly. I like my Wincest with a LOT of schmoop and a huge dollop of angst with some hotness on top, and although I like many of the other characters in the show, right now I seem to be pretty focused on Sam-n-Dean. Links to my fics on LJ and AO3 will be listed here. Long fics (20K+) are listed first, shorter ones further down. In order of original posting date (in other words, the worst stuff is on the bottom). It's all Wincest unless otherwise noted.

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Walker in pink

I Always Thought I’d See You Again - (Dean/Sam, R)

Title: I Always Thought I’d See You Again
Author: amypond45
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Established Wincest, sex with feelings, angst
Summary: Sex with Dean is good, and Sam thinks he knows his favorite flavor.

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A/N: Title is a line from “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor.

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Walker in pink

MASTERPOST: The Homecoming - (Jared/Jensen, R)

Title: The Homecoming
Author: amypond45
Artist: amberdreams
Pairing: J2, past Jensen/Mark Sheppard
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 9K
Tags/Warnings: past abusive relationship, mild PTSD, bottom Jensen
Summary: After a messy breakup with an abusive boyfriend, Jensen returns to the small coastal town where he spent his summers as a child and young adult. He came home to heal, to give back to the town that gave him so much, and to mend an old friendship. He never expected to find love again, but the handsome ex-Marine who moved into the house next door might be just the man for the job. And why does it feel like the entire community is conspiring to bring them together?

Link to Fic: A03 Or Below the cut

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