The Long and Winding Road (amypond45) wrote,
The Long and Winding Road

MASTPOST: Stars Come Down In You

Title: Stars Come Down In You
Artist: midnightsilvers
Author: amypond45
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word Count: 10K
Warnings/Tags: pining, first-time, hurt Dean, humor, angst with a happy ending, romance, wincest, curtain fic
Summary: Dean finds a mirror in the bunker and is suddenly faced with his long-repressed feelings for his brother. Set sometime after the events of 15x19.

Links to Fic: LJ Part One | LJ Part Two | A03
Links to Art: A03

A/N: Many, many thanks to MidnightSilver for the awesome art that prompted this fic, as well as all the amazing art they made after reading it. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, understanding artist! Thanks also to jdl71 and TrendyKitty for their beta help, and to the mod of the wincest_reverse bang for making it all possible. Y’all rock! Title is a line from “The Ghost In You” by the Psychedelic Furs.
Tags: angst with a happy ending, bottom!sam, curtain fic, first time, hurt!dean, pining!dean, pov dean, rating: r, romance, season 8, soul-mates, wincest-reverse bang, word count: 10000 - 15000

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