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Wet Sam

[sticky post]AmyPond45's Fics

Welcome to my journal, dedicated to my no-longer-newfound love: the TV show Supernatural! Here there be lotsa Winchesters, mostly of the Wincest variety, sometimes explicit, sometimes just really really brotherly. I like my Wincest with a LOT of schmoop and a huge dollop of angst with some hotness on top, and although I like many of the other characters in the show, right now I seem to be pretty focused on Sam-n-Dean. Links to my fics on LJ and AO3 will be listed here. Long fics (20K+) are listed first, shorter ones further down. In order of original posting date (in other words, the worst stuff is on the bottom). It's all Wincest unless otherwise noted.

Long Fics:

Out of Nowhere - (Sam & Dean AU, PG-13)
A hundred years ago, in an alternate United States, monsters and humans have been at war as long as anyone can remember. John Winchester raises his sons in a world already overrun by the supernatural, in which humans are often on the defensive, pushed ever further west. Against this backdrop, Dean and foster-brother Sam grow up relatively carefree on a ranch near Lawrence, Kansas, protected and heavily warded, until the day Dean learns the truth about his mother, the mysterious hunter who abandoned her family when Dean was four. With his new knowledge, Dean figures out even better ways to protect his family and his home. But will it be enough? Written for the 2018 spn_j2_bigbang.

Makes No Difference Who You Are - (R)
When people start disappearing in Elmwood, Indiana, Sam and Dean return to the town where they faced one of their strangest cases seven years ago. Revisiting the past dredges up all kinds of long-repressed feelings, and when Dean gets sucked into Faerie again, Sam finds himself facing a foe far more dangerous than the king of the fairies. Rescuing Dean is only the beginning of a journey through the labyrinth of the Winchesters’ complicated love for each other, with no guarantee they’ll make it out alive. Written for the 2018 wincest_reverse with art by tx_devilorangel.

Never Let Me Go - (Sam/Dean AU, R)
In a world in which medical science has extended human life expectancy to over 100 years, Sam and Dean are clones growing up together in a special school. Written for the 2017 spn_cinema Challenge.

Some Kind of Solitude - (J2 AU, R)
Two hundred years in the future, ragtag groups of human survivors eke out a humble existence after a series of apocalyptic events referred to only as The Purge. Jensen Ackles was raised in an adobe fortress somewhere in the former American midwest, a life that has its perks but not much in the way of adventure or excitement. Then one day a tall, handsome stranger walks into his life, changing Jensen, his worldview, and possibly the future of humanity itself. Written for the 2017 j2_reversebang.

Time Waits For No One - (R)
During a routine hunt in 2017, Sam trades places with his 13-year-old self from 1997. Dean decides it's a perfect opportunity to change the past and protect his out-of-time little brother from his own future. Chaos ensues (duh). Written for the 2017 wincest_reverse bang.

Sometimes Love Don't Feel Like It Should - (PG-13)
Investingating a rodent problem in the bunker, Dean discovers a magic door that shows him alternate worlds that resulted from choices he made differently. In the end, it all comes down to Sam, of course. Written for the 2017 spn_j2_bigbang.

A Hazy Shade of Winter - (R)
Alternate ending for 11.23. Dean carries out the plan to suicide-bomb Amara, saving the world in the process. Just before he does, he makes Cas promise to stay with Sam, to "look after him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." This was written for the 2016 sastiel_bigbang but it's really wincest. (Sorry not sorry.)

Last Chance - (J2, NC-17)
Jared's life is a mess. Jensen is the guardian angel who answers his desperate prayer for help. Written for the 2016 j2_reversebang.

Until the Morning Comes - (NC-17)
The third and final part in the series that began with If Dreams Could Make Wishes Come True. Sam's in his sophomore year at Stanford, living with Jessica, when he finds out Brady has been possessed by a demon. During the exorcism, Sam learns that Azazel is speeding up his plans of world domination, and all hell is about to break loose. Sam, Dean, and Jessica hit the road in a race against time to stop the Yellow-Eyed Demon before it's too late. Written for the 2016 spn_j2_bigbang.

When the Rain Comes - (NC-17)
A pre-series Stanford-era AU written for the 2015 wincestbigbang as a sequel to If Dreams Could Make Wishes Come True. Sam's months alone at Stanford after leaving Dean are sheer misery, and when Sam finally makes himself sick enough to end up in the hospital, Dean shows up, obviously determined to set their relationship on a new track. Being "strictly" brothers isn't easy, but over a summer spent hunting things and saving people, Sam and Dean work it out. Mostly.

If Dreams Could Make Wishes Come True - (NC-17)
Sam is kidnapped as a baby and grows up in foster care, unloved and neglected. He is sustained by vivid dreams of growing up in a loving home with a mom, a dad, and a big brother. Sam's waking life is made complicated by his psychic abilities, which are recognized and exploited by a shadowy government agency. Everything is weird and sad until one day, when he meets a freckled teenager on a country road. Written for the 2015 spn_j2_bigbang.

Stars in the Southern Sky - (J2, NC-17)
Jared is a 32-year-old wealthy Texas rancher. Jensen is the 22-year-old tutor Jared hires for his troubled niece. Sparks fly, romance blooms, but there's something not right at Padlock Ranch. Jensen hears strange noises at night, and something, or someone, seems to be trying to keep the lovers from finding their happy ending. Written for the 2015 spn_meanttobe.

The Time Traveler's Brother - (NC-17)
In addition to little Sammy, Dean grows up with a time-traveling adult version of his brother, whose appearances throughout Dean's childhood and teen years become increasingly disturbing. WARNING: Underage.

What a Fool Believes - (J2, NC-17)
A sequel to "Should You Ever Leave." What happens to Jensen when he gets back to the "real" world? Did he even listen to a thing Sam said?

Should You Ever Leave - (NC-17)
Another AU for Season 10. Sam uses Dean's DNA in a spell to bring him back after he disappears the night of his death. What he gets instead is a very nervous actor named Jensen Ackles.

After the End - (NC-17)
An AU for Season 10. Sam has been searching for his brother for months after the night he died and disappeared. He's sitting alone in the bunker one night when a certain handsome devil shows up.

Take the Long Way Home - (R)
Yet another AU for Season 10 (I'm fixated, what can I say?) Sam finds a way to cure Dean but at a terrible cost. When Dean wakes up in a hospital with no memory, he has to piece his life together and figure out who -- and what -- he is.

You Can't Go Home Again - (PG-13)
Sam and Dean find evidence they time-traveled to 1983 to help their father and their younger selves survive the early months after their monther died. Told from the point of view of four-year-old Dean.

Break On Through to the Other Side - (NC-17)
Sam switches places with a Sam from an alternate universe. Things get weird.

Short Fics:

Do It Again - (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
After the events at the end of Season 14, Sam and Dean go on the road to clean up Chuck’s mess. Re-killing the things they went after all those years ago brings back memories and reminds Dean that he’s always had trouble repressing his most problematic feelings, especially where his brother’s concerned. Reliving those early days on the road makes it harder than ever. Written for the 2019 wincest_reverse with art by stargazingchola.

Baby, I think I’m Capsizin’ - (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
Sam’s feeling down after the loss of the hunters in the bunker. Dean thinks he might be able to help. My April 2019 submission to smpc.

Goin’ With Him Someday Soon - (Sam & Dean gen, PG-13)
When they’re very young, John leaves the boys home alone while he hunts. Until one day Dean’s old enough to help. But that means leaving Sam alone by himself. Dean’s never as okay with that as he pretends to be, and John soon learns he can threaten to separate the boys as a way to keep Dean in line. Nothing’s worse than being separated from his little brother. Nothing. Written for the 2019 gencestbang with art by kirathehyrulian.

Tramps Like Us - (J2, R)
When Jensen decided to take in a lost boy who’d been hanging around the alley behind his restaurant, he never imagined just how much they might have in common. Written for the 2019 spnspringfling as a gift for tammyrenh.

Beautiful Loser - (Dean/Dean/Sam, NC-17)
When Sam’s time-travel closet spits out a Dean from 2010, Dean realizes (again) that he’s grateful for the way things turned out, in more ways than one. Then Sam reveals that Dean’s not the only one with a thing for twins. My February 2019 entry for smpc.

Back to Where We Once Belonged - (PG-13)
Ever since they got back from Apocalypse World, Sam and Dean have lived a quiet domestic life in the bunker. It’s been a good life, overall. Until the day Sam’s magic time-closet malfunctions, spitting out Sams from other timelines at the rate of one an hour. Luckily, Sam’s become exceptionally well-versed in the bunker’s archive of magic, and it doesn’t take long before he finds a spell that should restore the natural order. Unfortunately, what they find when they fix things isn’t quite what they bargained for. Written for the 2019 deanwbigbang with art by stargazingchola.

Let's Do Some Living After We Die - (NC-17)
After life begins doling out permanent injuries to knees and shoulders, the Winchesters decide to go into semi-retirement. Then one night, Sam sees a ghost. The bunker’s haunted, all right. Then things get weird. Written for the 2019 sammybigbang with art by spunsugarj2fantasy.

The Invisible Man - (NC-17)
Sam gets cursed with invisibility. Dean thinks maybe it's really a gift. Written for November 2018 smpc.

From the Land of the Midnight Sun - (J2, R)
Jared's a lonely immortal mutant living in a world long covered in ice and snow until the day he falls into a cave and finds Jensen, who just might be the only other immortal mutant on Earth. Written for the 2018 j2_reversebang with art by bluefire986.

Slow Road to Somewhere Good - (J2, PG)
Jensen's a successful actor/director/producer. Jared's a free-lance photographer and the little brother of Jensen's former best friend. When they meet after 15 years apart, it's like Jensen's seeing Jared for the first time. Written for the 2018 j2_reversebang with art by tx_devilorangel.

Take Anything You Want From Me - (J2, R)
Jared is a newly-made guardian angel, Jensen’s his charge. Jensen is reckless and prone to accidents, desperate to get Jared's attention. He might be a little in love. Written for the 2018 spn_reversebang with art by blondebitz.

I'll Stop the World and Melt With You - (NC-17)
Sam time-travels to the year 1997 and finds an 18-year-old Dean in need of a little instruction. Written for the 2018 wincestbigbang with art by siennavie.

Transposition - Gen, PG-13
Mary never wanted her sons to be raised in the hunting life. Unfortunately, fate (and Azazel) had other plans. AU for that night 22 years ago. Written for 2018 spn_summergen. Now with art by beelikej.

no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin - (R)
Dean’s never been what you might call a man of faith. After all, he doesn’t have to believe in God. He knows God exists. But Dean has faith. Dean believes in Sam, and he believes he knows what’s best for his little brother. When Billie takes Dean on a midnight ride through Sam’s past, Dean learns that having faith isn’t just about believing in something you can’t see. Sometimes, it’s about seeing past your own self-doubt to recognize that the thing you never dared to pray for has been yours all along. Written for the 2018 wincest_reverse for an art prompt by milly_gal.

Know When to Hold ‘Em - (R)
Getting out of Wisconsin, away from the thing that almost sucked the life out of Sam when he was six – that was only half the battle. Now he’s dead on his feet with his brother in another no-name motel with only one bed and a headful of memories. Time for Dean’s real struggle to begin. Again. Written for swan_song21 for the 2018 spnspringfling.

Reap What You Sow - (Sam/Dean AU, NC-17)
Sam and Dean went their separate ways after the hunt in the Pilot. Now it’s the middle of the night five years later, and the phone rings. Turns out the Woman in White was right. Written for December 2017 smpc.

The Secrets That You Keep - (R)
Sam and Dean pose as a married couple to investigate the deaths of three couples who all went to the same marriage counselor. Written as a gift for alexxkah for the 2017 spn_xmas.

I’ll Be With You When the Stars Start Falling - (Sam/Dean AU, PG-13)
In a world without monsters, John Winchester insists that something evil killed his wife. John’s a paranoid, half-mad drifter who drags his sons around the country pursuing possible supernatural activity, trying to prove that it’s real while preparing his boys to defend themselves against creatures that don’t exist. When a natural disaster strikes, John’s ready to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of his boys, sending them off to a cabin in the woods for the next four years. What they discover there, and what they learn about the world when they finally leave the confines of their hideaway, makes them question everything they thought they knew about their father, his worldview, and their own hearts. Written for the 2017 spn_reversebang with art by sillie82.

Let’s Spend the Night Together - (R)
Pre-series Sam and Dean are visited by time-travelers from the future who give them some rather disturbing news: the world is ending in the future because Sam and Dean couldn't admit their feelings for each other. Now they've got a second chance. Will they mess it up (and end the world) again? Or can they overcome their Winchester stubbornness and get it right this time? Written for the October 2017 smpc.

Letting the Days Go By - (Gen, PG-13)
Mary tries to be a good wife and mother, really she does. Trouble is, she’s been raised to be a hunter, and pretending to be something she’s not isn’t easy. Maybe she can figure out a way to be both. Written for the 2017 spn_summergen.

Bound to Follow You Down - (NC-17)
Season 6 AU. Sam's had his soul back for six weeks and he's starting to have weird flashbacks. Like Sex-With-Your-Brother flashbacks. But there's no way that could have happened, is there? Except for the past week Sam keeps waking up to Dean giving him a – blow-job? In his sleep? WTF!? My August 2017 entry for smpc.

Can't Let You Slide Through My Hands - (NC-17)
Sequel to You Get What You Need. Sam and Dean deal (or mostly don't) with the aftermath of the feelings revealed when Dean was poisoned. Written for smpc (June 2017).

(Sometimes You Just Might Find) You Get What You Need - (NC-17)
Dean gets poisoned by a succubus who feeds off its victims' unrequited lust for someone they can't have. Guess it didn't read Dean's mind right. Written for the April 2017 smpc.

Tonight There's Gonna Be Trouble - (NC-17)
After the adrenaline-rush of their escape from that secret prison in the Colorado Rockies, Sam and Dean just need to let off a little steam. This is a coda for 12x9 and my February 2017 entry for smpc.

A Long Way to Go - (NC-17)
Following the events of Roses in the Rain, Sam and Dean struggle to come to grips with the other timelines they encountered, including the revelation that they are intensely hot for each other. Set in season 1. My December 2016 entry for smpc.

Something Unpredictable - (NC-17)
It's a routine hunt, until it isn't. Snowed-in, hurt!Dean, protective!Sam, magic potion, first-time. Written for the 2016 spn_j2_xmas exchange.

The Midnight Rider - (NC-17)
This is a fix-it for Season 8 in which Sam didn't stop looking for Dean after Dean disappeared at the end of Season 7. It's also a sequel to riyku's amazing story, Most Things Happen Someplace Else. Written for the 2016 wincestbigbang.

One For the Team - (J2, NC-17)
It's almost Halloween, and Jared suggests they cosplay each other's characters. My October 2016 entry for smpc.

Dead Center - (Gen, PG)
The Men of Letters located their place at the geographical center of the contiguous United States. Soon after moving in, Sam and Dean find out there's a very good reason for this. Written for the 2016 spn_summergen challenge.

Any Way You Want It - (NC-17)
Sometimes they play a game. The number one rule is, don't talk about it. Not a single word. My August 2016 entry for smpc.

Up Against Your Will - (J2, NC-17)
Jensen fell hard for the beautiful blind man who moved into his basement. Now there are wolves in his backyard and something weird about the way Jared goes out every night but doesn't seem to come home. Will Jensen take a chance at love, even if means risking the comfortable, boring life he's worked so hard to build for himself? Written for the 2016 spn_meanttobe.

I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together - (NC-17)
Every night Sam and Dean go to sleep in separate beds. Every morning they wake up together, in the same bed, naked. What the hell?! My May 2016 entry for smpc.

No Time - (NC-17)
When Dean catches the eye of the best-looking man in the room, he's not thinking about how much he misses his little brother, who left him for a normal life at college. But somehow this stranger knows how to push all Dean's buttons. Stanford-era time travel fic written as my March 2016 entry for smpc.

The Road Not Taken - (J2, PG-13)
Jensen never forgot the boy with the sad, multi-colored eyes. Now, fifteen years later, he takes a long-delayed road-trip and finds his heart's desire at the End of the Line. Written for the 2016 spnspringfling.

Won't Get Fooled Again - (NC-17)
Sam's in the "Cage," Lucifer's messing with his memories, and this time there may be no escape from the labyrinth of his own mind. Written for the 2016 sammybigbang.

The Soldier, the Geek, and the Frickin' Weird-ass Time-Closet - (NC-17)
Sam finds a nineteen-year-old version of himself in his closet. Dean decides it's a good thing. My January 2016 entry for smpc.

We Can Make It If We Run - (R)
Sam & Dean grow up fast, hard, and dangerous, but there's love, too. If they could just admit it to each other. Written for the 2015 spn_reversebang.

Christmas Drabbles - (PG-13)
Five drabbles featuring moments from the boys' holidays over the years. Written for spn_bigpretzel.

Roses in the Rain - (R)
Boys raised apart, each thinking the other one died that night in the fire. When they meet, sparks fly. But something's wrong. Written for the 2015 spn_j2_xmas.

When the Lights Go Down - (NC-17)
It started about a week after they moved into the hunker. My November 2015 entry for smpc.

Over the Rainbow - (Gen, PG-13)
Alternate ending to "The French Mistake" in which Sam & Dean visit a Supernatural convention. Written for the 2015 spn_summergen.

If I Leave Here - (NC-17)
Dean gets hit on the head during a hunt (again) and suffers from memory loss that's a little, uh, selective. My August 2015 entry for smpc.

Another Time, Another Place - (R)
Dean is no ordinary priest in Gaza's Temple of Dagon. He's a seer, a visionary who has a gift for pre-cognition. It's a good job, one that's earned him a kind of celebrity status among his peers, and he's content to rake in the dough as Dagon's top oracle. Until the day he meets the gaze of Samson the Strong, hero of the Hebrews, and everything changes. Everything. Written for the 2015 spnopera.

14 Going On 40 - (NC-17)
During the events of 10.12, "About a Boy," Sam gets hexed and turned into his fourteen-year-old self. Sam and Dean still manage to kill the witch and Hansel, saving Tina in the process. But now they're both stuck in fourteen-year-old bodies, raging hormones and all. My June 2015 entry for smpc.

(We've Got to Get Ourselves) Back to the Garden - (NC-17)
Sam wakes up the morning after his death in Cold Oak to find it's twelve years later, and a lot has happened, none of which he can remember, including the fact that he and Dean have apparently been sleeping together for years. My April 2015 entry for smpc.

It's a Not-So-Wonderful Life - (R)
Originally written and posted on AO3 back in the middle of Season 9. Sam gets Gabriel to erase him from Dean's life, thereby saving Dean from the Mark of Cain. Sam finds out what Dean's life would be like if Sam had died as a baby. Turns out it's a little harder to erase himself than he thought.