January 22nd, 2015

Walker in pink

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Signed up for the 2015 spn_j2_bigbangand the spn_meanttobechallenge and am feeling positively giddy with excitement! The spnkinkbb has been such a great experience I can't wait for more! Loved "The Hunter Games," and it's got me thinking about where things are going and what I can do to fix it, which is all I've been doing with my fiction for the past six months, I think. I'll try to post two or three of my stories here if I can over the next week in anticipation of the spnkinkbb postings in mid-February (because I need the practice!) They're already up over on AO3, but I need to try to post everything over here too, so. Also on fanfiction.net, I guess, where I opened an account about a year ago and haven't been back since! Oh well..Why do I have to work again? Oh yeah, that little pesky thing called money. I guess I need it, even if I wish I could subsist on pretty pictures of Sam & Dean and wincest fanfiction alone!