December 21st, 2015

red-shirt Dean

December Progress Report

This week is the one when I feel least in control the whole year. Christmas is coming up, I still have shopping to do (little stuff for stockings, so I can't just order them, not that they'll come in time anyway!) I have to work every day but Christmas this week, when I really need to stay home and get ready for Christmas. I have piles of unwrapped gifts in the closet, haven't finished the grocery shopping for those weirdly different-because-they're-supposed-to-be-special Christmas Day meals, and now we've decided to go to the midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, after working all day and trying to get said gifts wrapped. All I want to do is drink!

Fandom-wise, on the other hand, things are awesome! I finished my spn_j2_xmas story, Roses in the Rain, and I really loved writing it. Also loved writing for the spn_bigpretzel Holiday Drabble Challenge, which ends today, although I couldn't quite keep up with my goal of a 100-word drabble each day! (I only wrote four.) I'm deep into the porny thing I'm doing for January smpc and I have a wildly out-of-control draft for sammybigbang. Got the draft in for spn_reversebang this past week, but it needs work too, so. I haven't had enough time to read all the wonderful fics coming out this month, but I adore the wonderful, twisted xmas fic written for me by dimeliora so please check it out here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and much happiness to all!