May 23rd, 2018

moment of respite

SPN-J2 Big Bang — Look, Ma! I have an artist!

Once again, I’ll be working with the wonderful, multi-talented kuwlshadow, who has graciously agreed to pinch-hit for my story. I FEEL SO LUCKY!

On the not-so-lucky front (because I really need to VENT!) iCloud decided to eat my Wincest Reversebang story (or at least the last 4K) so I’ll be spending the weekend rewriting that because I’ve done everything I can think of to restore the finished story (completed two days ago). Of course, I can’t remember my Restrictions passcode, set up to try to prevent my children from reading my perversions. *sigh* Otherwise, I might have a shot at restoring an old back-up.

But, whatever. It’ll be better rewritten anyway. RIGHT?!