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MASTERPOST: Goin’ With Him Someday Soon - [Sam & Dean, gen, PG-13, pre-series}

Title: Goin’ With Him Someday Soon
Author: amypond45
Artist: kirathehyrulian
Beta: jdl71
Summary: When they’re very young, John leaves the boys home alone while he hunts. Until one day Dean’s old enough to help. But that means leaving Sam alone by himself. Dean’s never as okay with that as he pretends to be, and John soon learns he can threaten to separate the boys as a way to keep Dean in line. Nothing’s worse than being separated from his little brother. Nothing.
Tags: pre-series
A/N: Working with kirathehyrulian was amazing. She not only did more artwork than the challenge asked for, she helped enormously with the editing and re-writing of this story. I owe her so much! Thanks also to jdl71, who always catches my most obvious mistakes. And to the mods of the gencestbang for making this project happen. Y’all are beyond awesome!




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