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It's done! And posted! Yes!

I'm still feeling a little giddy! Got up early cuz today was my posting day on my very first challenge fic for the SPNKinkBigBang on tub! I posted it first on AO3 cuz it's way easier than this place, but I'll try to get that done later today or tomorrow.I can honestly say this has been the BEST experience I have had since joining this fandom. Having the privilege of collaborating with smalltrolven, who kindly beta'd my fic, offering innumerable suggestions and endless encouragement, and the amazing talents of winchesterchola, whose artwork has brought the story to life in ways I never imagined, has just blown me away and now I am dead. I'm still shaking, and probably will be for awhile over this experience! I just feel profoundly lucky and so, so happy it's a little ridiculous! I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOU'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! (who needs drugs? ;)
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