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All the pretty fics

Overwhelmed by all the amazing fics pouring into my inbox from spnspringfling! Then to top off my weekend, the most amazing fill for one of my prompts for spn_masquerade. I'm still shaking over that one. It's way more than I deserve by a brilliant writer and it's unbelievably perfect. Never expecting to get such a marvelous fill, I have no idea what to do. Do I thank her? Do I let her know she filled a prompt from somebody she doesn't know or give two tits about? Why does this feel like high school all over again?!

Also, why does the advent of spring make me so depressed? April may be the cruelest month, but March is positively vicious. Bought daffodils today just to cheer myself up. Will watch SPN tonight -- maybe something light? Or something sad so I can cry it out?

Have 20K written on my bb story. Wondering if I can make it a "to be continued" fic?

Time to cease and desist all the rambling! Need to read! But mostly need to write, write, write!
Tags: amy's random musings, fan fiction writing

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