The Long and Winding Road (amypond45) wrote,
The Long and Winding Road

Episode 11.11 reaction

LOVED so much about this episode:

* MOTW is a banshee! Wanted them to do one of those since way back in Season 2 when Dean mentions Sam and John "wrapping up that banshee thing" while Dean was with Lisa;
* Sam tossing & turning in bed, shadows that look like "the cage" all over him;
* Dean worried about Sam, asking him if he's okay, finding an "easy" hunt for them close to home to distract his brother as only Dean knows how to do;
* Dean's now told Lucifer all about trying and failing to kill Amara, and presumably about his bond with her, which he hasn't even told Sam, that we know of...NOT GOOD. But scary cool, too.
* awesome hearing-impaired hunter - LOVE THIS! More, please;
* awesome Dee Wallace character - smart, attractive, funny, former-entertainer who totally holds her own with Dean in the charm department and Go Girl! with the "hand-on-the-knee" comeback line!;
* Mildred recognizes that Dean is "pining" for someone -- (okay, I know it's not Sam, but...) Dean/Amara is getting more and more traction...not sure how to feel about this, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT GOOD. But maybe scary cool, so...
* Sam apologizing to Dean for the not-looking-for-him thing. This still rankles, and it'll probably take me a while to adjust to the fact that the show made it canon once and for all that Sam didn't even try to find out what had happened to Dean (and that he shirked his responsibility to Kevin, which doesn't make any sense AT ALL!) OH DAMN I HAVE WAY TOO MANY FEELINGS -- MOSTLY ANGRY ONES -- ABOUT THIS! But I can appreciate Dean's forgiveness (AGAIN, WHAT?! And this was FOUR YEARS AGO! and yet we get no on-screen apology from Dean about stuffing an angel down Sam's gullet....!!! but I digress...);
* Sam putting the Retirement Home brochure in their box of treasures...yes, of course it's a treasured dream that someday they'll grow old and retire together!
* the final scene where they're getting into bed (bare feet!) and now it's Dean who can't sleep, Dean with the guilty conscience, presumably "pining" for Amara (but can't I pretend it's Sam? ;-)

So overall pretty good, barring that frustrating purgatory thing.
Tags: amy's random musings, season 11 episode thoughts

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