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MASTERPOST: Until the Morning Comes [Sam/Dean, R]

Fic title: Until the Morning Comes
Author name: amypond45
Artist name: dreamlittleyo
Genre: Wincest AU
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: 38,452
Warnings: show-level violence, sibling incest, minor character deaths
Summary: Sam's in his sophomore year at Stanford when he discovers that his former roommate is possessed. Things go downhill fast from there, and soon Sam, Dean, and Jessica are on the run, dodging monsters, struggling to make sense of a world suddenly overrun by demons. When history appears to be repeating itself, putting a new batch of psychic kids in danger, Sam realizes he must stop running and find a way to face his fears head-on.



Link to art: HERE

A/N: Created for the 2016 spn_j2_bigbang. This story is the conclusion to a trilogy that includes "If Dreams Could Make Wishes Come True" and "When the Rain Comes." The following summary should make it possible to read this story without having to read the first two, although many of the characters (Missouri Moseley, in particular) are fleshed out more completely in those earlier stories. (Summary of previous stories below the cut.)

Many, many thanks to dreamlittleyo, the most wonderful artist a fic writer could ever hope for (and an awesome writer herself!), smalltrolven, the bestest beta in the world, and of course thanks to wendy for running this amazing challenge each year!

Previously: When Sam Winchester was a baby, a demon kidnapped him and killed his mother. He spends his childhood in foster-care, learning to develop his psychic abilities. Sam survives loneliness and abuse by dreaming a separate childhood in which he is a beloved son and brother, growing up in a normal middle-class home in Lawrence, Kansas. When Sam turn twelve, John and Dean rescue him from a burning warehouse and Sam becomes a Winchester. Because Dean and John believed baby Sam died in the fire that killed Mary Winchester, Dean doesn't believe Sam when he insists they're brothers, despite Sam's dream-memories to the contrary. A visit to Missouri Moseley reveals that Sam and Dean are soul-mates, and Dean was born with psychic ability, too. When Sam turns sixteen, he and Dean become lovers. But apparently demons are after Sam, to reclaim him as one of their own, and Sam discovers he has the power to "see" demons so he can tell when a human is possessed. Then Bobby runs a DNA test totally randomly and everybody finds out Sam and Dean are brothers. Dean runs away, so Sam leaves for Stanford alone. End Part One.

In Part Two, Sam and Dean are basically killing themselves trying to live apart, and when Sam ends up in the hospital they both realize they. Can't. Do. It. They spend the summer after Sam's freshman year learning to be together as brothers only, hunting things, saving people, avoiding John, who has a massive chip on his shoulder about Sam now that he knows the truth. Sam and Dean seek out a hypnotist, Pamela Barnes, who helps them learn what happened the night Sam was kidnapped. They exorcise the demon possessing Pamela's boyfriend, Jesse, who tells them that Azazel has plans for Sam and is coming for him in three years time. Sam and Dean fall into bed again, but renew their commitment to be brothers-only going forward, barring the occasional "mistake." End Part Two.

Tags: angst with a happy ending, au, established wincest, false memories, fan fiction, pov sam, psychic dean, psychic sam, rating: mature, sam/dean, soul-mates, spn_j2_bigbang, wincest

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