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MASTERPOST: A Long Way to Go

Title: A Long Way to Go
Author: amypond45
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 8,100
Warnings: sibling incest
Summary: Following the events of "Roses in the Rain," Sam and Dean struggle to come to grips with the other timelines they encountered, including the revelation that they are intensely hot for each other. Set in season 1.
A/N: This story is a sequel but I've provided a short synopsis at the beginning so you don't need to read that story to understand what's happening. The title is a line from "Beautiful Boy," by John Lennon. This is my December entry for smpc

Read here on AO3 | here on LJ
Tags: bottom!dean, first time, rating: nc-17, sam/dean, season 01, sunday morning porn club, wincest

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